Monthly Archives: February 2007

Paris Hilton Naked!

The Beast has decided he wants to screw with google just for the fun of it, so he’s going to begin every post for the rest of this week with the words “Paris Hilton Naked!”, just to see what happens. UPDATE: She may well be naked, but not on this blog. This is an experiment […]

Nickelodeon Game Show “Figure It Out” – They’re all baked?

“Dad, they’re not taking this seriously.” The Beast’s son says contemptuously. The Beast, lost in the Land O’ Drudge, looks up from his computer and at the TV. “Who?” “Those guys on the panel. They’re not making any sense. It’s not fair to the girl.” Ah. Nickelodeon is on. It’s February vacation week and the […]

At Least Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz Was Looking Down The Right End Of Those Binoculars

Hmmm… maybe now we have a clue as to why things didn’t go so swell for Israel in Lebanon last summer? According to press accounts, “Peretz (right) gazed through the capped binoculars three times, nodding as Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi (left) explained what he was looking at.” Note: This was too funny not to post, […]

Thursday Night Yahoo Chat Poop Fling.

Thursday evening is “Chick TV” night so the Beast generally finds other ways to amuse himself. Last night he eschewed his usual strategy of booting up the DVR and savoring reruns of HBO’s “ROME” or cackling derisively at the mess Sci-Fi’s “Battlestar Galactica” has made of season 3 and went online instead, whereupon he allowed […]

QUICK! Get this kid some prozac!

Upon watching this video advertisement from Greenpeace the first words that sprang to The Beast’s mind were “Wicked creepy”. Why waste ten bucks at the local cineplex to watch the origins of Hannibal Lechter when you can see it here for free? Maybe it’s just The Beast, but are the Enviroes getting ever more sinister […]

DON’T PANIC, The World’s Still Going to End!

It must be hard to style yourself as a “Advocacy Movement” when your fortune relies solely on bad news. After all, nobody pays much attention to anti-war activists when there is no war, or when a war is being fought and won. Likewise, how much airtime does Jesse get when minorities aren’t rioting? No, the […]

Leonard Nimoy’s Career Low Point: “The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins”

He’s even wearing his pointy ears in this video?

Larry Miller on Pop Culture and Anna Nicole.

Larry Miller is a national treasure – his spot in history is secured by his brilliant routine (The Beast first saw it in the late 1980’s) The Five Stages Of Drinking. He is more of a cameo actor/writer now and just put up an article on The weekly Standard that accomplished something the Beast never […]

Horror and The Problem Of Belief.

 You’ve seen this a zillion times: hot young chick alone in spooky house. Odd noises coming from basement. Hot young chick, armed only with a single flickering candle opens basement door, peers into shadows and then proceeds to do the one thing in the world we all know she would never do: walks down the […]

IPCC – Soothing Ellen Goodman’s Terror Of Global Warming.

Any man who has ever spent a night in a room with a woman knows that they are prone to certain kinds of irrational fears. Standard disclaimer: this does not mean to suggest men don’t have their own irrational fears – the plethora of Natural Male Enhancement Ads on TV proves it. But in this […]