Monthly Archives: September 2006

God Bless Google

Here’s what this page looks like in Italian. Kewl, It’s kind of fun to be “La bestia peolosa” – it sounds romantic in an unsavory sort of way… UPDATE: This Screenshot business can be trickier than The Beast thought. He just noticed that the picture he took included his computer taskbar, which shows two other […]

The Apparent Man Shortage

The Beast admits he has been out of the loop for a few years, so he was rather suprised to discover (in a recent perusal of The Intertron) that thirtyish professional women in major urban centers are complaining that there are no men. While he was dozing over the past half decade, thousands of smart, […]

How low did he go?

Thirteen days without a post. Yes, Dear Readers, The Beast took two weeks of R&R, due partly to W&B, but he is back. High point in the first two months of this blog: 1,542 views, due to dumbass cryptozoology story on the “Maine Mutant”. Low point: 54 views yesterday, due to thirteen days of not […]

“Air America” Crashes And Burns!

Paraphrasing an Email published today in The Corner by NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez: “They’ve discovered the only talk radio format that NOBODY WANTS TO LISTEN TO— liberal talk.” “Congratulations to Air America!” Cooking – yes Sports – yes News – yes Cars – yes Gardening – yes Left-wing politics – NOPE! Al Franken’s Three Strikes […]

Dinner Time: Low-Carb Chili Lasagne

Now that the cool weather is here The Beast can run his oven again! To lower the carb content of this dish I replaced tortillas with Lavash Whole Wheat flatbread. Simply layer a pan with flatbread, chili and Monterey Jack Cheese. Top with whatever (The Beast used black olives, sliced fresh Jalapenos and diced fresh […]

Surfers Have Close Call With Great White Shark off Isla Vista!

The Beast just found this toe-curler from yesterday posted on Pacific Coast Shark News 2006. Isla Vista, Santa Barbara — On September 11, 2006 Cameron Behling and two companions were surfing at Sands Beach, Isla Vista near Santa Barbara. It was 6:30 PM and they had been in the water 5 – 10 minutes. “We […]

New Chat Widget

Look to the upper-left of these words and you will see a box with the heading “Chat”. Below it are orange words that should say “The Hairy Beast Is Online” This is an IM widget The Beast just installed last night to see what it does. So far it appears to do nothing but irritate […]

Ladies And Gentlemen, Another in Our “Amazing Guitarist Series”

Mr. Chet Atkins playing Don McLean’s “Starry Starry Night”! many thanks to Echo Talon of Free for the nod.

CBS News Misses the Boat

The Good Ship Couric is sinking fast, but is it really her fault? CBS news expected Katie’s new show would get a one-month honeymoon cruise at least, but before the week was out the Groom abandoned the bridal suite for the ship lounge and now the bride languishes alone on her fancy set, pretending, perhaps, […]

The Path To 911: The Rage-Spit is Flying!

The leftwing blogosphere is foaming at the mouth tonight! Here is a quick sampling of the wild wroth and venom circulating the fever swamps right now:’s panties are in a twist! Check out her mellifluously-titled post: Does ABC/Disney Movie Include Bush Allowing Osama Bin Laden to Escape from Tora Bora? She rants: I am […]