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Is Bush Hitler?

UPDATE, January 30, 2007 – Today is the seventy-fourth anniversary of Hitler’s appointment to the Chancellorship of Germany, which makes it a particularly good time to reflect on mistakes, both past and present. It is a testament to the schizophrenic nature of this day and age that one sometimes find himself forced to argue against […]

The Liberal Problem Of Evil.

In the very early fifth century St. Augustine took on a very thorny religious issue: if God is all-loving, why did he create a world in which Evil occurs? Augustine (and later Thomas Aquinas) bucked down and came up with the best answer (though still somewhat unsatisfying) he could: free will. According to Augustine, a […]

Happy Australia Day!

Most hilarious drunken Australian quote seen in chat so far: crikey_its_cam: “The abo’s next door are having a BBQ – I don’t wanna go join them – they’ll be drinking petrol and frying up caterpillars!” Cheers to our gallant allies! Enjoy your day, mates!

Opposites attract: Liberal Beauties and The Islamic Beasts Who Pretend To Love Them.

The bizarre alliance between Radical Islam and the Western Politico/Cultural Left is never more obvious than when they share a forum. For example, last Saturday London Mayor “Red” Ken Livingstone and director of the Middle East Forum David Pipes held a debate titled: “A World Civilization or a Clash of Civilizations?” Pipes was supposed to […]

What Is That Thing On Jim Webb’s Head?

It looks as if some animal ate a dozen bottles of Grecian Formula For Men and then had an unfortunate gastrointestinal crisis on his cranium. We know we can do better, let’s give it a shot! Jim needs to loosen up a bit. Let’s try the classic Mullet. Hmmm…the background is a bit stiff. Maybe […]

Philip Island’s Great White Problem.

Philip Islanders in Victoria, Australia are in the “jaws” of a dilemma. This dilemma is embodied by a sea creature about twenty feet long, 3,500 to 4,000 pounds, armed with a mouthful of razor-sharp serrated-edged teeth (think steak knives) and who seems to enjoy hanging around bathing areas just before or just at sunset. This […]

The Joy Of Sharkblogging

It’s not easy being a sharkblogger – sharks are mysterious and elusive. Months will go by with nothing of interest to report, then suddenly people are getting bit or chased everywhere, almost like those fire ants who wait until a few thousand of the bastards have marched up your trouser leg before all going CHOMP […]

Australian diver partly swallowed by Great White Shark

This just in from The : Abalone diver survives shark attack An abalone diver has survived a terrifying attack by a white pointer shark, which swallowed his head and shoulders before he fought free of the predator. Eric Nerhus, 41, was diving off the NSW south coast on Tuesday when the three-metre shark seized […]

66 Successful Bloggers and What they can teach you.

This post appears on Bill Belew’s blog, the biz of Knowlege and it is in reference to Ted Demopolous’ new book What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere . Serious Bloggers (re: not The Beast) should have a look, […]

20 Foot Great White Shark Menaces Aussie Beach

The Beast just found this little tidbit from The Australian Herald Sun. The illustration below will give you some idea of what a six-meter Great White would look like if you had the misfortune to share the water with her (a shark that size is most likely female). Shark near popular beach Mark Buttler and […]