Monthly Archives: October 2006

The 300 – Movie Trailer

Spartans Vs. Persians, war, blood, death, awesome computer backgrounds… and it’s based on a graphic novel by the incomparable artist who did “Sin City” (Frank Miller). What could be better? Advertisements

Poetry Sixteen-And-A-Half Seconds

Two years after the reelection of President Bush the electoral mud is flying again. The Mainstream Media has abandoned all pretense to objectivity and pulls for their favored party with every ounce of their diminishing strength. Newsweek magazine fawns over Tennessee Democratic Senatorial candidate Harold Ford while the New York Times and Washington Post excoriates […]

Guest Blogger #2 “God Bless Australia”

Thank’s to Mr. Al Gore’s internet, The Hairy Beast’s purview is no longer limited to his forest and surrounding environs. Occasionally he lurches across other items and authors of merit. Today he offers a truly hilarious piece written by one of his Aussie buddies; Cam. God Bless Australia by Cam 4/18/2006 AUSTRALIA GETS DRUNK, WAKES […]

Guest Blogger – Mongeaux On “Blogs That Suck”

Dear readers, please welcome The Beast’s profane alter ego Mongeaux. His existence predates us by three years and today he will entertain you by explaining the process by which this blog came into existence. WARNING – he’s evil and he swears a lot. His writing usually begins on topic but typically degenerates into a profane […]

Torture? Gitmo’s got it easy.

You think the so-called torture at GITMO is bad? Forget waterboarding! This is much worse. Every year, thousands if not millions, of women voluntarily submit themselves to a beauty treatment so foul, so medeival, so unimaginably painful-looking that Torquemada himself would shudder to see it. It’s called the “Body Wax”. Apparently, heavily-forested pudendas are out […]

For Whom The Dinner Bell Tolls – Spearfisherman Shoots Attacking Great White Shark

South African Online news site Cape Argus Times reports a spine-chilling close call in the waters off Miller’s Point Saturday. Diver’s spear repels great white attack October 2, 2006 By Natasha Prince A professional diver from Strandfontein has told how he speared a shark in its nose as it swam towards him with its jaws […]

You’re the Tornado in the Trailer Park of My Heart

The beast is watching the Johnny Cash bio-pic “Walk The Line” and this song title suddenly came to him. No clue why. Carry on…