At Least Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz Was Looking Down The Right End Of Those Binoculars


Hmmm… maybe now we have a clue as to why things didn’t go so swell for Israel in Lebanon last summer?

According to press accounts, “Peretz (right) gazed through the capped binoculars three times, nodding as Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi (left) explained what he was looking at.”

Note: This was too funny not to post, but the Beast wishes to make clear he is a supporter of the state of Israel.

UPDATE: Captain’s Quarters is reporting they may not be lens caps at all, but some sort of screen or lens coating to avoid telltale reflections on the battlefield. The Beast certainly hopes so.

More on this at Snopes.



  1. Posted February 24, 2007 at 6:33 pm | Permalink

    lol OMG this is so funny… I definitely have to post it at my blog. Really sorry I missed it in the first place. Thanks Beast 🙂

  2. Posted February 24, 2007 at 6:41 pm | Permalink


    The Beast picked up the story at NRO’s “Corner” blog, glad you got a chuckle.


    Possible captions for the photo:

    “I never could figure out how to work these damn Night Vision goggles…”


    “Run, Bambi, RUN! The Hunters are coming!”

    And yet another:

    “If I have black rings around my eyes when I take these things off, SOMEBODY’S ass is in a sling!”

  3. Posted February 24, 2007 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    Just posted about it here:

    Thanks, mate, really good show 🙂

  4. Posted February 25, 2007 at 5:49 am | Permalink

    BTW, these are definitely caps. If these would be lens, the red or green light would clearly be visible (as seen at the following URL, for example:

    Also, the non-glare lens are inside the tubes of the binoculars, not outside. These are clearly caps.

  5. freespiritedkev
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    Well tonights episode paid tribute to Norma Rae
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    But Mary McDonalds character as President seems to be getting tougher which is promising.
    The shows still all over the road heres too the cyln babes finding them ASAP and ending our misery.

    Sorry for posting this here

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    It’s just more Democrat boosterism of the “We Ivy League, college grad writers may be elites, but we care for the working man because we support Labor Unions.” variety.

    Did you notice that after threatening to kill the Chief’s wife for refusing to work they threw him a bone by buttering him up and agreeing to a few empty symbolic gestures? Served up a simple sop to his conscience, The Chief caved right away. Once again they make pretty much all the main characters out to be hateful hypocrites

    Baltar’s scenes were riveting, though. Let’s hope the Cylons come and wipe everybody out soon.

    As for posting your BSG comment, The Beast should have done a BSG post last night, but he was being lazy. No problem Kev.

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