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What Americans Know About The Politics Of Other Nations

It’s amazing how much foreigners know about American politics. Well, ok, it’s not that amazing because American politics actually counts for something, unlike most of the rest of the world. In contrast, Americans are relatively uninformed about how the rest of the world governs itself, but we do know a little, and here it is: […]

Rosie O’Donnell to Leave The View?

This just in from Rosie Bids Adieu to “The View” Posted Apr 24th 2007 10:35PM by TMZ Staff Filed under: TV, Rosie O’Donnell There is a strong buzz in Hollywood that Rosie O’Donnell will announce Wednesday (April 25th) that she is leaving “The View.” If it happens, it’s likely Rosie will stick it out […]

The Internal Reality Based Community

The left-wing blogosphere is essentially defined by their queer devotion to panoply of self-contradictory conceits. They support the troops but oppose their mission. They champion broad interpretation of the Constitution as the absolute test of commitment to civil liberty, but insist the Second amendment is only about Militias. They deny moral absolutism yet define global […]

How To Blog Like A Moonbat, Module One.

You too can write like a loony conspiracy theorist! Welcome to the THB Moonbat Writing Tutorial, M1. In this first lesson we will go over the style and content guidelines for writing like a true left-wing Blogger. You only need to learn a few simple rules and you can be up and howling at the […]

AP: New Hampsachusetts Governor Lynch To Sign Civil Unions Bill

The first New Hampshire Democratic majority in over a century just seriously overreached itself: By Norma Love, Associated Press Writer | April 19, 2007 CONCORD, N.H. —Gov. John Lynch told The Associated Press on Thursday he will sign legislation establishing civil unions in New Hampshire. New Hampshire thus will become the fourth state to adopt […]

Nearly LIVE From Coast-to-coast: Bob and RAY!

Bob and Ray were a brilliant comedy team, starting in the 40’s out of Boston on the old WHDH radio station. Thanks to the boys at Powerline Blog for showcasing one of the hilarious duo’s best routines, “The McBeebee Twins”: Funny stuff, but The Beast’s favorite Bob and Ray skit is this one, “The Slow […]

Battlestar Galactica: Meet The Fleet

BSG may be over until 2008, but BSG videos continue. Scifi Network is encouraging fans to make character portraits of fleet members, the best of which they display onsite. The Beast’s current favorite is Meet the Fleet Episode 26: Ben Sumar. The site does not allow embedding so you will have to watch it there, […]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Trailer

Come for the flaming chicken.

TV’s “Jericho” – Did Right-Wingers Blow Up America?

Gee, in a world virtually stuffed with Islamic terrorists who manage to kill and maim hundreds daily, the Post-Nuclear Apocalypse TV Series Jericho can’t seem to find a single one.  Nope, in this series the bad-guy terrorists who nuke America into the stone age with concealed portable Atom Bombs are all homegrown white men in […]

Katie Couric and Incidental Plagiarism.

CBS news has fired an “unnamed” Producer for plagiarizing an essay originally published in The Wall Street Journal which news anchor Katie Couric read as a video blog on her CBS News site “Couric & Company”. Couric does not appear to be in any trouble because she read from a prepared script. Plagiarism is a […]