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Schwimmer’s Sperm Sample – Part Three.

Author’s Note: This is the third installment of a multi-part tale. Readers wishing to begin at the beginning should click here: Schwimmer’s Sperm Sample – Part One. Part Three: How To Sample Sperm. 1. As in any test, preparation is key. Since this was going to be a formal count, it should be taken at […]

Schwimmer’s Sperm Sample – Part Two.

Author’s Note: This is the second installment of a multi-part tale. Readers wishing to begin at the beginning should click here: Schwimmer’s Sperm Sample – Part One. Part Two: The Finger. Infertility may be hideously complex emotionally, but practically (at least at first) it’s really quite simple. Odds are somebody is to blame, and that […]

Schwimmer’s Sperm Sample – Part One.

Part One: The Chase is on! There comes a time in the life of most men when they decide to stop living like some goddamn college student and build themselves a life. This urge can stem from one or both of two sources: Internally, as a result of passing a developmental milestone — such as […]

A Film Not By Ken Burns: “The Old Negro Space Program”

The Old Negro Space Program

Liberal Holiday Dreams

Ever since jolly old St. Patrick Fitzgerald left one paltry lump of Scooter Libby coal in every liberal stocking, the Dems have been moaning like the Ghost of Fitzmas Past. Winter is almost over – the Equinox has come and gone, so what do they pin their hopes on now: The Leahy Bunny?

GW Bush grows back a pair.

It is a source of constant amazement to this Beast that, in order to ensure that the object on the sidewalk is not dog poo, some people will pick it up, feel it, smell it, even taste it – all to ensure they do not step in it. The President has learned this lesson too. […]

Free Speech, Red Herring.

It always seems that whenever a liberal says something stupid and objectionable – um ok let’s qualify that: whenever a liberal says something SO stupid and objectionable that even the MSM rouses itself out of its ideological torpor long enough to feature it, and the public (particularly the right) erupts in condemnation, the default defensive […]

Give Me Shelter – 82nd Airborne Afghanistan

Just In – video shot by the son of a friend, edited by his dad.

Vermont Wants To Impeach President Bush – So What Else Is New?

A lifelong New Hampshire resident, the Beast has always looked at his neighbors to the west with a certain degree of condescension. In the 1960’s The Granite State was relatively Hippie-free, but Vermont was stuffed with them. Take a quick trip across the border today you will see flocks of Gray ponytails on skinny bookish […]

New Hilary Attack Ad From BarackObama.Com

Thanks to Jim Geraghty on NRO’s blog The Hilary Spot The First Folks To Compare Hillary to ‘Big Brother’ of 1984 in an Ad in the 2008 Campaign Are… Democrats! Barack Obama is reportedly not connected to this parody of Apple’s “1984” ad, slamming Hillary That’s too bad, because it kinda kicks tushie. It does […]