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Ok this is screwed up

The Beast has not posted in over a week and a half and his readership has INCREASED! What does it take to alienate this audience? Advertisements

How To Make Your Own Cigs – Zig Zag Injector Tutorial

Tired of forking out $5 for a pack of butts? You can buy premade tubes with filters and stuff your own for a fraction of the price. And you get to smoke real, high quality tobacco with no additives. The Beast tried it and here is how he did it: You will need Injector – […]

Bad combination: Weed Whipper, shorts and sandals.

The Beast is ordinarily loath to bring up personal issues or events in his blog but it is a slow day, so here is something fun. Sunday was a bad day. Up here in New Hampshire the grass has just started growing, so The Beast decided to see if he could fire up his weed […]

Obama Math Gaffe: “Numbers Make Me Tired”

Ten Thousand Kansans dead? Obama watchers probably know this already but you may have missed it. On the campaign trail today Senator Barack made reference to the recent spate of tornado deaths in Kansas. Only he got a few numbers wrong, claiming ten thousand persons were killed instead of twelve. It would be easy enough […]

Say…Whatever Happened To That “Impeachment” Thing?

Gee, a year ago “Impeach Bush” spittle was spraying across nutroot computer screens by the tankerload. Even some mentally-stable pols were paying lip service to the idea. Then the Dems got power and the whole deal went out faster than the lights at Howard Dean’s Presidential Campaign Headquarters on January 20, 2004. YEEEAARGH! What gives? […]


This movie looks wicked funny! Brought to you by the same folks who did “Talladega Nights” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, the pedigree is excellent. Kids today deserve their own “Animal House” for the new millennium. Click on the Screenshot to view the Apple HD Quicktime Trailer .

“Why The Long Face?” Bush Meets With Unhappy Dems Today

Here are the pics, judge for yourself. Add captions if you wish. Reid looks like Bush peed in his Cheerios. 0 Note to Pelosi: Borat called and he wants his suit back. 0 Harry looks like he’s having a stroke. 0 And we thought Murtha was a “pouter”! George seems to be having a blast! […]

Update – Request Your Own National Political Slur

While none of the readers from other parts of the world has taken offense to the Beast’s slurs against their respective inconsequential homelands in What Americans Know About The Politics Of Other Nations and What Americans Know About The Politics Of Other Nations, Part Two, a few have been irked that their country was left […]

What Americans Know About The Politics Of Other Nations, Part Two

Due to the staggering popularity of W.A.K.A.T.P.O.O.N. part one, The Beast has decided to bow to reader requests and add several more nations to the list. He had thought originally that ten was a nice round number, but you want more. 11. Israel. A nation which confounds the stereotype of the meek, skinny, bookish Hebrew […]