Monthly Archives: June 2007

New Massachusetts

“On March 15, 1820, Maine became the 23rd state in the Union when the people of the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts decided to give the all the land there to the people of Maine.  This is a decision Massachussetts residents have obviously come to regret because they’ve been buyin’ it back piece by piece ever since.” […]

Father’s Day Visitor

This little fellow showed up for a dip today. Here’s a closer look:

Aussie Feminists In A Tizzy Over Hahn Beer Ad

The Beast’s buddy Cam alerted him today to the developing fracas Downunder. It seems that feminists have gone to court today to try to ban a beer ad they find offensive: From The Herald Sun: Beer ad a boo-boo BEER ads starring a bikini-clad woman under the title “Hahn boobs” are under fire for offensive […]

New Hampshire R.I.P.

  The Old Man Of The Mountain “Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe; Jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth. But in the mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that here He makes […]

Jay Leno makes a hilarious observation on Paris Hilton coverage

You may have already seen this bit from last night’s Leno Show on other blogs but it bears repeating. This is why the Mainstream Media — for all its smug posturing and claims of “Professionalism”– sucks. BTW, thanks to my readers for your patience through this hiatus period. Regular posts will resume beginning today.