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He Raves, He Rants
He’s lost his PANTS!

Imagine If Liberals Were Capable Of Reasoned Debate

This post was occasioned by the Beast’s comment to a link put up by Drowning Creek in Dave’s Sabotaging the Tea Party post. DC speaks admiringly of a certain blogger’s effort to cast the Tea party issue in racial terms (like we haven’t seen that done before). The Beast’s response began small but grew and grew […]

Teen Falls Into Open Manhole While Texting

And in our “We Grieve For The Future Of Humanity” Department: Alexa Longueira Suffers Deep Cuts, Bruises After Landing In Raw Sewage, Blames DEP For Leaving Hole Unattended Alexa Longueira, a high school sophomore, was walking along Victory Boulevard near Travis Avenue on Staten Island Wednesday evening when she felt the earth move and was […]

Sotomayor Enters Confirmation Process with Miers-Like Numbers

Senatorial primacy might not be enough to push Supreme Court appointee Sotomayor through to confirmation after all. From the website NOW Hampshire: Sonia Sotomayor will begin her confirmation hearings next week with some of the highest levels of public opposition of any Supreme Court nominee in the last two decades, according to a new poll […]

“Dinnergate” Scandal: WaPo Fesses Up Today.

So it turns out that the preeningly pristine Washington Post got caught selling “intimate” rubber chicken dinners with Administration officials and liberal Think Tankers to anybody willing to pony up $25 grand who needs a favor or two! Here’s the marketing flyer – click to expand: Apparently it never occurred to to the WaPo execs […]

Son Of “What Americans Know About The Politics Of Other Countries”

It was a simpler time; a time before the most recent market collapse; before the party of “change” regained the control over government they’d enjoyed for the better part of the previous hundred years and began instituting the same market policies Karl Marx had advocated in the 19th century; a time of innocence and rampant […]

So Three Weeks Ago The Beast Had This “Heart Attack” Thingy…

and is now the proud possessor of a “stent” in his right coronary artery. Naturally this had to happen 10 days before heath insurance kicked in at the new job.  The good news is that the attack itself was tiny (he thought it was a sore throat) and damage minimal. One blockage in one artery […]

The Beast Is Now Blogging Exclusively At Constitution Club

A group blog comprising Liberal, Conservative and Libertarian members. The rules are simple: 1. Keep it fairly clean. 2. Keep it fairly Civil. 3. No loony conspiracy theories. Come on by and join the dialogue.

Weird Al – Star Wars American Pie

Gotta love it.

Separated at Birth?

Paris Hilton and John Mitchell Slept Here

Five score and multiple naked Paris Hilton’s ago . . .