The Rosie Beast

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Hairy Beast arose from his lair today and surveyed his blog. A quick re-read of yesterday’s post and comments, Whan Acters Rite, left him with a pang of residual guilt. He’d been pretty tough on Rosie O’Donnell and her incoherent but mellifluously titled r blog. He is sure Rosie is an incredibly busy person and despite the apparent remedial quality of her poesy/prose/whatever, he must give her credit for posting every day. A hectic schedule must certainly detract from a blogger’s ability to hone and polish his writing and perhaps Rosie employs this style because it’s quick and simple. It may not even be as easy to write as it looks.

The Hairy Beast like to think of himself as a tough-but-fair predator so he decided to give this style a shot.

The Rosie Beast
i need to mow
my lawn
its a mess and people
probably think

what a pig

kids toys everywhere
i look like a redneck
that cant even aford

cars to junk

wat is it
with dishwashing
detergent makes me
bubbles on fingers

look like the mummys curse
rotting away
2 hell

gota get kids
rte 11 sucks
mass tourists flooding n
for holiday

wish i had a helicoter

this is tougher then
it looks
all u bloggers out there
should try
riting r next post

rosie style
what u say
u game?


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