Video: Mike Huckabee Rocks the Weekend FRC Values Voters Summit 2007

Even the MSM were impressed by GOP Presidential Mike Huckabee’s speech at the FRC Values Voters Summit 2007. Video of his speech is compiled in three parts here. See for yourself what all the buzz is about.

Part One: “Wait til old, retiring hippies find out they can get free drugs from the government…”


Part Two: “Not even duct tape and WD40 can fix it…”


Part Three: “It’s important that the language of Zion is a Mother Tongue and not a recently acquired second language.”


Salmon and Foliage In New Hampshire This Weekend




















The entire set can be seen here.

Dan Rather – Old Fart.

Poor old Dan Rather is in his dotage. It’s time to take away the matches and the keys. It is no longer safe to allow him out on his own. He has lurched publicly into the “I’ve-fallen-and-I-can’t-get-up” twilight of advanced age. He has officially become an Old Fart. How do we know this?

The Hairy Beast’s father, The Senior Beast, often said he was able to pinpoint the exact moment his dad turned into an Old Fart.

“I was driving down route eleven towards Lake Winnipesaukee with my dad in the passenger seat and he suddenly turned to me and said ‘Y’know, just because the speed limit sign says fifty five, that don’t mean you have to go fifty five!’.”

“So I dropped down to fifty and soon enough I had a line of about thirty cars backed up behind us. Some passed, others blew their horn. I was mortified but your Grandfather just sat there smiling and bitching about Roosevelt. After a few minutes I couldn’t stand the embarrassment anymore and I sped back up. He turned to complain and I said “Pop, give me a break, these people all hate us now!” He smiled and said ‘We’re doing them a favor – we’re making them slow down!’.”

The Grandpa Beast was lucky, in a way. He had his Old Fart (pronounced “Old Fahht” in New Hampshire Dialect) Moment in front of only a few dozen people. And it was anonymous. Poor old Dan Rather’s is happening in front of the entire world. Yes, Ol’ Dan is now officially an Old Fart.

Let’s look at what makes an Old Fart an Old Fart.

1. Still Angry After All These Years.
For Old Farts, the outrage they felt over the Smoot-Hawley Tariff is just as fresh today as it was Way Back When. This ire is like a well-aged Gumbo simmering away for decades in their mental pot. It is prone to boil over at any moment and often does, particularly at the most inappropriate times. Who has not been treated to the spectacle of an Old Fart suddenly shrieking with purple-faced choler over Truman’s firing of MacArthur halfway through a wedding?

Compare this to Old Man Rather, who bitches bitterly about his forced early retirement from CBS at the unripe age of 73 and has filed a $70 million lawsuit against his former employer over it. The rest of us had all but forgotten about his role in Memogate, or filed it away in a corner of our mind reserved for specially fond memories, but not Ol’ Dan. He’s plenty hot over it still. And of course he has to embarrass his friends by pitching a huge public fit, prompting them to whisper to each other the time-honored question; “Why hasn’t his family been making him take his medication?”.

2. “I don’t care what you say he did – Stalin saved us all!”
your typical Old Fart is constitutionally unable to recognize anybody elses’ point of view. The advance of the ages has warped their memory and their perspective. They no longer recall their own mistakes or arguments to the contrary, and they don’t care to hear it anyway. Everybody else will have to cater to them and their whims. If they don’t like it they can just pass or blow their horn. Ol’ Dan doesn’t seem to care that he smeared the President with a story predicated on forged documents just weeks before a national election. He appears to have never considered that he and his producers jettisoned the most basic principles of journalism. He’s right and the rest of Planet Earth is wrong.

3. Outbursts.
Old Farts say irrational stuff like “The documents may be fake but the story’s accurate.” without a shred of embarrassment.

4. Whoops – There Goes That Hip Again!
Old Farts have accidents. They pee themselves in church and set fire to the kitchen trying to heat up a can of beans. They file meritless $70 million dollar lawsuits against their former employers.

5. Everything Old Was Better, Especially If It Was Worse.
Your typical Old Fart will exclaim “When I was a kid back in the Devonian Period we had twenty one percent less oxygen in our atmosphere but we didn’t mind! We made do with what we had!” Ol’ Dan constantly points to his glory days at CBS as a triumph wherein he took over a first place news show and brought it firmly down to third, but it was better.

Well, compared to Katie Couric, maybe we can give him this one.

Democratic Roulette.

They Refuse To Give Up Their Precious Defeat

Democrats and their liberal brethren are facing a very big problem this week. Having staked a large portion of their political capital on U.S. defeat in Iraq they must now come to grips with the possibility that we might actually win this war. This would be – if not actual disaster, at least a serious setback to their future plans. They rode anti-war sentiment into the Congress with real hopes that the Republicans would continue their losing streak right up to the White House next year. However, Bush and the G.O.P. unexpectedly doubled down and began to win a few. The house odds (never bet against the US Military) reasserted themselves.

With most of their chips set firmly on black it would not be surprising if the Democrats prudently sought to scatter a few out to red, just to hedge their bets. Unfortunately, they can’t. Their base will not let them. The Netroots and hold too many party markers to be ignored. Primaries are won by the base, and the Democrat base wants to lose this war pronto. Unfortunately, General Elections are won in the political middle. If the Dems force a loss in a war that the electorate eventually comes to see as winnable, they will pay a hefty political price in an area of political weakness where they can ill-afford to lose any more ground; National Security.

Hence the dilemma: Democratic candidates need to play to their the antiwar base to get the nod to run nationally, but they do at peril of making themselves unelectable. The millions of Americans who initially supported the invasion of Iraq, presumably because they thought we could win (a reasonable assumption at the time), and who changed their minds when they decided we were not, could well change their minds back again if they see that we now are. Nutroot-pandering candidates will get a hundred percent of the vote, but (as private citizen Ned Lamont can attest) how far will that get them, really?

Of course the Dems could get lucky and America could still lose in Iraq. But after watching General Petraeus’ performance in front of Congress this week thats seems less and less likely. Efforts to paint this man as an administration shill not only failed, but boomeranged as it became apparent that the Dems and their succubi were desperately trying to hang on to their precious defeat by slandering a capable and honorable man. The Dems were not helped when hermeneutically displayed their political tin ear on a heavily discounted full page of the New York Times. One has to wonder who the “us” in “Betray-us” really turned out to be?

So the chips are placed and the wheel spins. Sometimes the ball bounces into black, sometimes red. Lately its been more red than black. Democrats chose (willingly and unwillingly) black, for defeat. Frankly, it was a sucker bet from the beginning.

White Shark Spotted By Fishermen Off Northern Mass Coast?

The Beast is in Minneapolis for a week so he’s a bit behind the curve (no sharks in Minnesota) – however he came across this (buried) story today:

Shark sighting? Mysterious fish raises great white worries

By Stephen Tait


Chris Santarelli thinks he knows why the bluefish weren’t biting Wednesday.

Fishing about a mile outside the mouth of Merrimack River — near the large red buoy designated MR — Santarelli said he saw the biggest fish in his three decades of fishing, a marine creature he said reminded him of the movie “Jaws.”

“It was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. “It was as big as my boat. I am almost sure it was a great white.

“There is a ton of bluefish around, and I’m sure that is why it is around. It was right where we’ve been catching blue fish for days, and there were none there.”

Santarelli, of Rowley, said the shark was at least 15 feet long and “the diameter of a 50-gallon drum.”

When it swam past the boat, “I saw the fin; it was 2 feet out of the water,” he said.

He said the shark was dark on top and light-colored underneath.

“I fish almost every other day, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. “It was like right out of ‘Jaws,’ it was that big. It was so big, I just wanted to get out of there.

“This thing was humongous. It looked just like the one hanging at Hudson’s (marine shop in Salisbury).”

The local report comes after officials on Cape Cod issued shark warnings in recent days following the discovery of two seal carcasses that washed up on the beaches there, likely the result of great white shark attacks.

Newburyport is right on the border of Salisbury Mass and the New Hampshire beaches. The Merrimack is a very large river and we all know that river mouths are favorite hunting spots for Whites and other sharks. Fishing is excellent in the Merrimack, too; the Beast wades out onto the sandbars there every year for Stripers and Bluefish. Lots to eat there.

Fishing buddies are reporting lots of dead seals all along the coast, with chomps taken out of them like corn on the cob. It’s white shark central around here. Fortunately the swimming season will be over in just a few weeks, so hopefully nobody gets bitten.

It’s Confirmed, The Chatham Seal Attack Officially Caused By Great White Shark.

Check out this Boston Globe article.

Seal death is blamed on a great white shark

Officials say case has trademarks of attack

Great white sharks are lone animals that travel 30 to 50 miles a day. They can go up to a couple of months between feedings.

The animal that was spotted eating a seal last weekend off North Beach in Chatham was probably a great white shark, state officials said yesterday

Lisa Capone, a spokeswoman for the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, said that a shark specialist for the state had examined photos of the seal’s carcass and interviewed witnesses and that the case “has the look of great white shark predation.”

She said great whites are lone animals that travel 30 to 50 miles a day and have a slow metabolism, so that they can go several weeks or even up to a couple of months between feedings.

“It’s likely far away, not going to eat again, and it was alone,” she said.

Note all the mealy passive prose in this article – “The animal that was spotted eating a seal last weekend off North Beach in Chatham was probably a great white…” oh – and according to the title it was not a Shark Attack it was a “Seal Death”.

According to eyewitnesses this shark was not just “spotted eating a seal”, this fish breached fully out of the water in a spray of froth and blood. It was a full-bore attack right out of the Discovery Channel. We don’t get that information until the very end of the article.

Skomal said what witnesses described was a textbook attack, with a sudden violent “commotion in the water that resulted in a cloud of blood spray,” followed by a period in which the shark circled before returning to eat its prey. Only the head and the fins of the seal washed ashore, which, Skomal said, was also indicative of an attack by a great white.

Consider, also, the strangely selective view of history . The article points out quite clearly (and correctly) that “The last shark-related death in New England was in 1936.” Yet more recent history – the fact this is the second seal attack by a Great White Shark in a bathing area off of that stretch of beach in two years has been forgotten already. Or at least not mentioned.

Add to this the stunning incuriosity as to why it was there in the first place. No mention of seal overpopulation problems in the area at all. Nope, nothing to see here, folks. Get your butts back into the water.

For a more thorough look at the issue, Cape Cod Times has a good piece here: Great white sharks in Cape waters?

Second Cape Cod Seal Attack: Eyewitness Says It WAS A Great White Shark.

******UPDATE August 10, 2007: Officials Confirm Today What We Already Knew!*****************

Many readers, including several Cape Cod residents have been kind enough to comment on the seal attack off North Nauset beach on August 4. Some in various linked forums and some on this site. There have been enough that it seems appropriate to reproduce them in a separate article.

Read this chiller from Tori:

Posted August 8, 2007 at 2:25 pm

I was witness to the shark sighting Saturday august 4th. I have not one doubt in my mind that what I saw was a great white shark. It breached out of the water, I could see it clearly, other species of sharks just don’t do that. It seems to me that the beach officials are taking this way too lightly considering the large number of witnesses who saw the attack. In fact, they haven’t even confirmed this as a shark attack yet despite the evidence that washed up on shore hours later (the mangled seal). It concerns me that a great white was hunting in the same exact depth of water, and area that beachgoers are swimming in.

The Beast is attempting to get more details on this.

Captain Tom – a local who runs his own web site on New England Sharks had this to say in forum:

If you want to know more about white sharks in New England go to my website

I will be back to this thread tomorrow night after fishing offshore tomorrow. I should have some info on this sighting from a friend who investigates these things for a Govt. agency. He talked to me today and is being sent the pictures for analysis.

Pictures? That would rock. The Beast is also angling for a couple of those and will keep you updated. No word yet from the Captain on how the fishing went.

Also in forum, sig226 – who lives nearby said:

We had a house in Dennis and a small outboard. We saw plenty of black tips in the bay, 10 to 15 feet long. We could estimate them pretty well by the length of our boat.

Yes, this seems to be shark season out there in the warm summertime waters of the cape. Perhaps bathers should be told?

Finally, local surfer Jack weighs in with sightings of his own:

Posted August 6, 2007 at 11:11 pm

I was surfing some amazing waves friday night one day before the attack at the point of north beach in chatham around dusk. I travel back and forth on a small inflatable motorized zodiac. On the way home my girlfriend and i noticed a shape on the ocean side on the island that didnt look quite like a seal it had a very pointed head and appeared much bigger than a large bull seal. actualy we were sure it wasnt a seal. im really not surprized after all almost every summer i can remember there has been some sort of shark incident in that area.

Jack may have spotted one or more of the Whites who appear to take up residence in his seal-laden waters this time of year. He continues to surf but perhaps with a little less sang-froid.

It is important to note that The Beast’s original story on this predation event attracted over 1,500 reads so far. Why are people flocking to this little blog to get their information? Because nobody else in the MSM is furnishing it. This is not unusual – local news outlets and beach communities are very reluctant to explore shark attacks because it hurts business. These stories get dumped quickly – note Torie’s earlier comment “…they haven’t even confirmed this as a shark attack yet…”.

And yet, the northeast coast is hardly what one would consider fallow water for shark attacks. Massachusetts averages about one every century. Our coastline is shallow and marine mammal population (White Shark’s favorite food) tends to hang out well offshore. Also, not much is known about the habits of Atlantic Whites – they are a much more elusive group than their cousins in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. However if one goes by the raw attack rate it can be safely inferred that they tend to be much less “bitey”.

One final anecdote – several weeks ago the Beast went fishing with a young man who also surfs up here off the New Hampshire Seacoast (about seventy miles north of Chatham as the crow flies.) He said that the previous day he and a friend were floating off the Wallis Sands beach in Rye around sunset on their boards. It was somewhat foggy and humid – the swells had died and water visibility was poor at around 3-5 feet. Suddenly they were both struck by what surfers call “That Sharky Feeling”. They just knew they were not alone. Neither wanted to alarm the other or be the first to speak so they just sat there for a while, scanning the surrounding water. finally his friend spoke up and said “Umm…Rory what do you see out there?”

Rory said – “I keep seeing a big head poking out of the water here and there around us.”

They went in.

Thanks, again to those who took the time to share their stories with us and have fun out there in the water.

Probable Great White Shark Attacks Seal Off Cape Cod Beach – Second Summer In A Row!

 *********UPDATE: Second Cape Cod Seal Attack: Eyewitness Says It WAS A Great White Shark.*************

The Beast just came across this story published today on the WHDH News Site:

Beach-goers shiver after possible shark attack

Beach-goers shiver after possible shark attack

ORLEANS, Mass. — Evidence of a bloody attack has washed ashore on Nauset Beach in Orleans. The victim was a seal, not a person. But people are still concerned that a shark came so close.

Joe Deetz’s family said they saw a shark devour a seal right before their eyes — in the shallow water only 50 ft. from shore

Now the family is scared to… yes… go back into the water.

“I could have been the seal,” said Dayton Deetz.

Police have not yet confirmed it was in fact a shark attack.

This, also, from the Cape Cod Times:

Shark sighted off Nauset Beach

Staff Writer
August 06, 2007

CHATHAM – Beachgoers on the north side of Nauset Beach saw an unusual sight Saturday night. Around 6 p.m., several people reported seeing a shark eating a seal, Chatham police Lt. John Cauble said.

The seal briefly washed up on the shore, but then drifted back into the water, Cauble said.

Most swimmers had already left the water by that hour, and no one was injured.

Beach patrols and harbor masters from Chatham and Orleans were notified, and are on the lookout for anything suspicious, although normal swimming rules are in effect, Cauble said.

This is the first shark sighting at Nauset this summer, he said. It is not clear what species of shark it was that people saw

As reported on this blog last year, a Great White Shark attacked a seal not fifty feet from shore at neighboring Lighthouse Beach.


We seem to be seeing a pattern developing here. This is The Beast story from last year’s attack at Lighthouse beach, literally the next beach down from Nauset:


Cape Cod Massachusetts: Too many seals and Great Whites, now!

On July 18, a Chatham resident and several beachgoers got a big suprise.normal_predation.jpg

From “Cape Cod Online”, July 18, 2006:

On Lighthouse Beach, witnesses said they saw a 15-foot great white spring from the water and devour a seal swimming about 50 feet off shore. Officials could not confirm that a shark had entered shallow waters.

But for a handful of people who saw the attack, about 1½ miles from the lighthouse, there was no doubt.

”Somebody screamed, ‘Shark!”’ said E.J. Corb, 15, of Chatham, who works at Chatham Beach Company surf shop. ”I saw the fin and the back tail. And it just took down the seal.

”Three minutes later, the seal carcass just popped up again.”

”We all know they are in the water there,” Corb added. ”But we don’t expect it to come that close.”

Coast Guard officials said they heard the great white reports, but they were unable to confirm them.

”We’ve had sightings before,” said Petty Officer Brent Beebe, who is stationed at the Coast Guard Chatham station. ”Is it common? Well, they’re out there. But it’s not an everyday thing.”

Lee Tallman, the assistant harbormaster in Chatham, said town boats were looking for the animal. But by early evening, there were no confirmed sightings.

What brought a shark the size of a Ford Windstar van a mere two school bus-lengths away from shore on a public beach?

A seal. And guess what? There’s TONS of seals now.

There are even more seals this year than last – and guess what? Another attack in the same area at about the same time of year.

Got to make you wonder.

An Anniversary Of Excellence

Twenty years ago The Beast was mired in a nowhere route-sales job that required he spend long hours wandering New Hampshire and Maine in a decaying Chevy Van. This rusty behemoth reeked of a decade of failure sweat and spilled coffee. It hated hills, inclines and pretty much anything else topped with tar, although the Beast once managed to force it to ford a stream (got a little confused about where a back road was supposed to come out). The only thing that worked well on it was a dusty GM Delco am radio, which actually turned out to be so powerful it could potentially intercept space shuttle transmissions.

The Beast scorned this little low-tech radio for months: a.m. radio? Who listens to a.m. these days? But the tedium got to him eventually and he started dialing around.

That’s how he discovered talk radio.

Talk radio in 1987 was very different than now. Mostly it was local. WRKO out of Massachusetts featured in-studio hosts all day. It also came in the best. It featured people like Gene Burns and Jerry Williams. Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr came later. They were mostly libertarian-liberal, like the rest of the broadcast media. There were a few syndicated shows around during the day – Owen Span comes to mind – but again mostly center left in political orientation. The Beast listened to them all and was relatively content.

One July week syndicated host Owen Span announced his retirement. That following Monday the Beast tuned into his slot, eager to see what had replaced him. His ancient mono speakers went fuzzy with the stress of a hot pumping bass beat. Suddenly a voice trumpeted in perfect iambic: “Wiiiiith TALENT on LOAN from GOD!”

Wow. This was new. Who is this dude?

New, indeed. The Beast realized quite quickly that not only was this guy funny but <gasp> a conservative as well! An actual conservative on the radio!


Happy nineteenth anniversary, Rush!

Support Our Troops

Good tune and good video.