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Video: Mike Huckabee Rocks the Weekend FRC Values Voters Summit 2007

Even the MSM were impressed by GOP Presidential Mike Huckabee’s speech at the FRC Values Voters Summit 2007. Video of his speech is compiled in three parts here. See for yourself what all the buzz is about. Part One: “Wait til old, retiring hippies find out they can get free drugs from the government…”   […]

Salmon and Foliage In New Hampshire This Weekend

The entire set can be seen here.

Dan Rather – Old Fart.

Poor old Dan Rather is in his dotage. It’s time to take away the matches and the keys. It is no longer safe to allow him out on his own. He has lurched publicly into the “I’ve-fallen-and-I-can’t-get-up” twilight of advanced age. He has officially become an Old Fart. How do we know this? The Hairy […]

Democratic Roulette.

They Refuse To Give Up Their Precious Defeat Democrats and their liberal brethren are facing a very big problem this week. Having staked a large portion of their political capital on U.S. defeat in Iraq they must now come to grips with the possibility that we might actually win this war. This would be – […]

White Shark Spotted By Fishermen Off Northern Mass Coast?

The Beast is in Minneapolis for a week so he’s a bit behind the curve (no sharks in Minnesota) – however he came across this (buried) story today: Shark sighting? Mysterious fish raises great white worries By Stephen Tait THE DAILY NEWS (NEWBURYPORT, Mass.) NEWBURYPORT, Mass. — Chris Santarelli thinks he knows why the bluefish […]

It’s Confirmed, The Chatham Seal Attack Officially Caused By Great White Shark.

Check out this Boston Globe article. Seal death is blamed on a great white shark Officials say case has trademarks of attack By Martin Finucane, Globe Staff | August 10, 2007 The animal that was spotted eating a seal last weekend off North Beach in Chatham was probably a great white shark, state officials said […]

Second Cape Cod Seal Attack: Eyewitness Says It WAS A Great White Shark.

******UPDATE August 10, 2007: Officials Confirm Today What We Already Knew!***************** Many readers, including several Cape Cod residents have been kind enough to comment on the seal attack off North Nauset beach on August 4. Some in various linked forums and some on this site. There have been enough that it seems appropriate to reproduce […]

Probable Great White Shark Attacks Seal Off Cape Cod Beach – Second Summer In A Row!

 *********UPDATE: Second Cape Cod Seal Attack: Eyewitness Says It WAS A Great White Shark.************* The Beast just came across this story published today on the WHDH News Site: Beach-goers shiver after possible shark attack ORLEANS, Mass. — Evidence of a bloody attack has washed ashore on Nauset Beach in Orleans. The victim was a seal, not […]

An Anniversary Of Excellence

Twenty years ago The Beast was mired in a nowhere route-sales job that required he spend long hours wandering New Hampshire and Maine in a decaying Chevy Van. This rusty behemoth reeked of a decade of failure sweat and spilled coffee. It hated hills, inclines and pretty much anything else topped with tar, although the […]

Support Our Troops

Good tune and good video.