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Women Never Forget Anything.

Occasionally, (The Beast can’t remember exactly how often) a telephone call will come from The Ex in which she will say something like “The kids have a dentist appointment three weeks from tomorrow at the office in Raymond, they have to be there by nine-thirty, can you take them?” The Beast will grunt his assent […]

Two Thousand Dollars Worth of Chinese Food Part 3.

This is, as the title suggests, the third part in what will hopefully turn out to be a four-part series. Readers who wish to start at the beginning, or have missed the second part may click on either of the links below: Two Thousand Dollars Worth of Chinese Food Part 1 Two Thousand Dollars Worth […]

Two Thousand Dollars Worth of Chinese Food Part 1.

Stories should begin with a snappy opening line, but I’m breaking that tradition because this one is about my mercifully three-years-dead marriage and I can’t find a sufficiently apocalyptic metaphor to describe it. I could, for example, compare my unholy matrimonial union to the crash of the German Zeppelin Hindenburg in 1937 and get it […]