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Imagine There’s No Al Gore.

In 1971 John Lennon released his most successful solo album, Imagine. The title song was a utopian hymn devoted to the joys of socialist secular humanism. In it, Lennon meditates on how the world might look if we jettisoned the evils of private property, religion and nationalism – the whole Marxist enchilada but minus the […]

Incoming Democrats Throw Party – Confused Ted Kennedy Hires Stripper

“Yeah BABY! Shake that moneymaker!” Washington (THB) — Jubilant Democrats came to D.C. this week eager to celebrate their reaccension to power. But the festivities became far more festive than anybody expected when Senator Ted Kennedy arrived ten minutes late with a bottle of Scotch in the crook of one arm and exotic dancer “Tiifini […]

Attention: UFO Wack-Jobs, Crypto-Zoo-Lunatics And Conspira-nuts!

Welcome to the site! Several days ago in an uncharacteristic burst of productivity, The Beast crafted a mildy amusing satire (Below) poking fun at Conspiracy freaks, the MSM Fauxtographers, and French Genius Jerry Lewis. One need only look at the header, Bush Lied, International Polar Moon Camp Already There!, to realize that this is not […]