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It appears that The Hairy Beast’s musings on the relationship between an exploding New England seal population and the unusual appearance of a great white shark fifty feet off a Cape Cod beach last month (Cape Cod Massachusetts: Too many seals and Great Whites, now!) has prompted some explication from In the post Too […]

All profiling to end in USA

by The Hairy Beast August 15, 2006 WASHINGTON – Bowing to pressure from activist groups across the country, the Nation’s law enforcement agencies — including the FBI and The Department of Homeland Security — announced today that they will end all profiling activities in this country, beginning September 10, 2006. DHS Director Michael Chertoff, speaking […]


Fidel: This place SUCKS! I’m Off! Former Dictator announces plans to join U.S. olympic team. Sunday, August 13, 2003

Great New Blog! “Green Helmet Guy”!

Maybe He Doesn’t Have A Cat At Home

gwpet Originally uploaded by Mongeaux2003. I can think of cuddlier things to pet, though

…Digging deep now, Soon I will Have NO Secrets

The Drunkard’s Guide To Online Chat

Hello world!

I am getting tired of just blogging on other people’s sites so I decided to start one up for myself. There will be a lot of referring to earlier stuff here until I generate more original content, click any of the links and you may find something that will entertain you. – Mongeaux