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Women Never Forget Anything.

Occasionally, (The Beast can’t remember exactly how often) a telephone call will come from The Ex in which she will say something like “The kids have a dentist appointment three weeks from tomorrow at the office in Raymond, they have to be there by nine-thirty, can you take them?” The Beast will grunt his assent […]

The Apparent Man Shortage

The Beast admits he has been out of the loop for a few years, so he was rather suprised to discover (in a recent perusal of The Intertron) that thirtyish professional women in major urban centers are complaining that there are no men. While he was dozing over the past half decade, thousands of smart, […]

Two Thousand Dollars Worth of Chinese Food Part 1.

Stories should begin with a snappy opening line, but I’m breaking that tradition because this one is about my mercifully three-years-dead marriage and I can’t find a sufficiently apocalyptic metaphor to describe it. I could, for example, compare my unholy matrimonial union to the crash of the German Zeppelin Hindenburg in 1937 and get it […]