Say…Whatever Happened To That “Impeachment” Thing?

Gee, a year ago “Impeach Bush” spittle was spraying across nutroot computer screens by the tankerload. Even some mentally-stable pols were paying lip service to the idea. Then the Dems got power and the whole deal went out faster than the lights at Howard Dean’s Presidential Campaign Headquarters on January 20, 2004. YEEEAARGH!

What gives?

Obviously, “Impeach Chimpy McHitler!” is still a popular – albeit ineffective – form of primal scream therapy in the lurid fantasy world of the Reality-Based Community (the Political online equivalent of “Everquest”, wherein the players get to pretend they aren’t nerd hippies wasting their lives in a collective dreamworld that teems with Trolls, Dragons, Necromancers, Karl Roves and other imaginary evildoers). Those guys are all well-down with the Impeachment Homeys. However, with only corrupt failures like Abscam Jack Murtha and intellectual featherweights like “Fire-Won’t-Melt-Steel Rosie on their side, one can hardly expect miracles.

Of course there’s still the pesky issue of “high crimes and misdemeanors” – something as serious as Impeachment of a Prez does require actual illegality (the real kind, like perjury – not the made-up political kind like Plamegate). And of course, Bush will be out of office soon enough, anyway. Wouldn’t that be fun – the Dems kick him out of office two months before he is due to leave anyway, achieving what, exactly?

And in the Senate, where the actual circus trial would take place, the Dems hold a tissue-thin majority of one seat, with Liebermann hinting he’d cross the aisle if Impeachment ever slunk through the door. What does it take, two thirds majority to convict? Heh.

Hmmm…maybe the Beast just answered his own question.


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