“Lost” slinks back tonight.

The Beast loved “Lost” when it first aired.

The Beast enjoyed “Lost” somewhat in the second season.

The Beast became weary of “Lost” in season 3.5., when he realized nothing was going to be resolved, except that the creepy creature in the jungle turned out to be a sucky computer-generated cloud of black smoke that somehow made machine noises when it moved.

Scary, scary smoke.

Then he became angry when he turned on the DVR in November to discover no more “Lost” would be forthcoming until February!

And now the show is back, like the prodigal husband who went out to the store for a pack of cigs and disappeared for two months.

What do we have to look forward to? More non-answers? More meandering, senseless story arcs? Twenty minutes of tedious flashbacks out of forty minutes total runtime (The Beast records the episodes on his DVR so he can fastforward through the commercials AND the flashbacks)?

Well, it’s winter and there’s nothing else on. The Beast will probably watch.



  1. carlie_rae_1973
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    I bet I could find a few things to watch than lost. I don’t get it. I’d rather watch porn.. (yuck..) than watch another episode of something I just don’t get..

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    It’s really very simple. Take the new episode the Beast watched last night, for example.

    In flashback sequences we learned the Blonde Other Juliette was a Biomedical researcher from Miami recruited by a Dharma front company (“Mittlelos” A combinbation of the German words “Mittle” and “Los” meaning “To the average”) and she has been on the Island for three years. Her husband, Edmund Burke (another 17 & 18th century philosopher’s name to go with “Locke” and “Rousseau” etc.) is killed by Dharma, illustrating their severe need for her services.

    And what does she do? Well it turns out her research has something to do with infertility. She’s developed an injectible serum that can make people get pregnant – even MEN.

    Why would they need this on the island? Are The Others infertile? We have seen couples – men and women there but NO “Others” chldren. And whom do the Others seem to want to kidnap the most? CHildren. Crazy Lady Rousseau said hers were nabbed. They came after Walt and the cute pregnant Aussie chick Claire. No doubt about it – The Others want kids. Perhaps the magnetic field on the Island prevents conception. Furthermore, the fact that Dharma signs up Dr. Juliette for a six month tour and keeps her on the Island for over three years against her will suggests something is not going well with the research, although one of the effects of living on The Island is that you get your cancers and paralyzed legs healed (which makes you wonder why this did not work for the head Other Ben’s spinal tumor), which you think would mean that research would be MORE likely to work. Korean chick Sun, for example, turns up pregnant despite she and her hubby’s infertility problems.

    We also know now that The Others can leave the Island but appear not to be allowed to leave. When Jack asked “Other Tom” why this is, Tom started to say something that began with “Well, the last time when this guy turned purple…”, but then Jack hit an artery removing the tumor in Other Ben’s back and conversation stopped. There have been lots of rumors oncerning a disease on the Island – we have seen Others inoculating passengers. Rousseau warned of “the madness”. Is that it? Is the Island a quarantene zone, hence the dilapidated condition of all the facilities and airdropped food? The Others refer to themselves constantly as “The Good Guys” and when they kidnap crash survivors, they say it’s because “They’re the Good Ones”. Everybody assumes this is a statement of morality, but what if it’s not? What if it’s a statement of physical quality? “Good” meaning “useful”, or “strong enough to survive the illness”?

    Sawyer and Kate escaped Other Island with the help of an adolescent Other girl, provided they bring her rebellious boyfriend with them. They rescue him from what appears to be a clockwork orange-style mind control session; tied up in a room with music blaring and forced to watch a sinisterly confusing film montage through goofy elton john-ish lit-up glasses.

    And that’s about it. Pretty straightforward, really.


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