The Joy Of Sharkblogging

It’s not easy being a sharkblogger – sharks are mysterious and elusive. Months will go by with nothing of interest to report, then suddenly people are getting bit or chased everywhere, almost like those fire ants who wait until a few thousand of the bastards have marched up your trouser leg before all going CHOMP at once! Shark news is sporadic, most of the time sharks leave people alone, so they are really not worth a full time Blog. Most of the time The Beast writes about other stuff, mostly humor.

That said, The Beast feels he should put up a few words explaining why, when sharks do appear in the news, he blogs on them. There are two basic reasons:

1. The Beast is a fisherman and a shark enthusiast.
2. The Beast is blatantly pandering for page views.

The first is self explanatory — Sharks, particularly Great Whites, are magnificent creatures that occasionally kill people in the most gruesome way imaginable. All the elements of drama are there; the struggle for life and death, the atavistic horror of being stalked and eaten by a gigantic beast against whom you have no defense. There is an element of purity in such events. The world may be a murky and complex place but when that black fin slides to the surface and the blood pool billows scarlet against the curtain of blue, it’s all as simple and old as time itself.

As for the second, readers love shark stories. Hits to this page will drop into the 50’s a day while The Beast blathers on about other stuff and cracks his jokes. But a good bloody shark post will bring in hundreds, sometimes thousands of hits. They are coming in now.

The Internet is loaded with blogs, a fair understatement, you must agree. When The Beast contemplated putting this one up he had to do some genuine soul-searching about why people should bother to come to his. The short answer is — they should not. Certainly there are many better offerings out there. This is not a focused blog, there is no central theme apart from the fact that The Beast writes about what interests him. Obviously some of these thing interest other people as well because they do come by regularly and read. The Beast tries to keep it interesting; he does not diary blog about the trivia of his daily life. He does not blog about blogging (although he is right now, so sue him). The Beast produces original content, if he posts youtube or news clips, etc.; he adds his own material as well.

And there will always be sharks. If you come for the humor posts you will have to scroll past the sharks. If you come for the sharks you will have to work past the humor posts. Hopefully you can both get along.

On the other hand perhaps there is a central theme to this blog after all; satirical humor and sharks – both occasionally bite.


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