This Is Not A Shark


The Beast is a fisherman and a shark enthusiast, so when something sharky happens it goes on his blog. There really hasn’t been all that much going on lately (sharkwise) but The Beast has noticed in his various web searches certain pictures showing up over and over. One of the more popular is this shot of a large scary sea creature zipping by a surfer in the curl of a wave. People assume it’s a shark but is it?

Note the shape of the dorsal fin (A.), it’s curved, like the letter “C”. And the tail fin (B.), though faint, is broadly triangular and appears to be attached horizontally, not vertically, which would make it a fluke, not a fin.


Let’s compare dorsal fins.

Here’s a shark dorsal: shark-dorsal.jpg

Here’s a dolphin dorsal: dolphin-dorsal-copy.jpg

End of story, don’t you think?



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    Avast there ye swab! Fetch me a crabby patty!

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    Yikes! It’s not a shark, but anything that large in the water is going to evoke the pucker factor in someone on a surfboard.

    Awesome photo.

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    Yes indeed. The Beast dives New England waters here and there in the summer and he has been scared shitless on several occasions by what turned out to be nothing but a school of Pollock. As for the “pucker factor”, you have noticed, I am sure, that the marine mammal in this photo has the surfer’s FULL attention.

    If you do a google image search on “Sharks”, this shot will show up often, but I am glad you agree it is not a shark.

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