Dynasty Fatigue.

You know you’re getting old when you can recall voting in a Presidential election in which there was not a single “Bush” or “Clinton” on the ballot. Someday The Beast will gather his grandwhelps about him and bore them silly with hoary tales of campaigns long past. He will fix them with a rheumy eye, shake his gnarled finger and intone in a quavering half-whisper: “Yes, Johnny, your old Gramps remembers the day when Presidents’ names didn’t begin with a “B” or a “C”. We used to be able to vote for anybody we wanted – we had “Reagans” and “Mondales” and even the odd “Dukakis” here and there! Those were the days!”

“AND we didn’t have flying cars or jetpacks to take us to school, either, we had to ride the BUS!”

Isn’t it odd that we can have six hundred channels on our television but only two families running our country? That doesn’t feel like progress, does it? It feels more like some bloody Shakespeare play where everybody ends up on the castle floor in a puddle of their own fluids.

Here’s a thought: maybe one day a Bush will marry a Clinton and then we can get two with one vote! Or maybe they’ll just start cloning themselves and we can have dozens at a whack. Maybe one day the whole world will be populated only by Bushes and Clintons, lined up on either side zero degrees longitude and they’ll all wear either red or blue shirts and be at constant war. Well, maybe not war – the Clintons have never been any good at that.

Hopefully we’ll have our flying cars by then: The Beast is SO sick of waiting for those things!


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  1. DonaldJ
    Posted January 12, 2007 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    I got wind of your blog in a “Google Alert” for “flying cars”.

    I’m beginning to understand why my project has been so stifled.

    I’ll tell you where your flying cars are. You already know where they aren’t.

    They’re in my 14 cases of 75-thousand pages of notes. That’s where they have always been, since 1978.

    Have you seen the latest “flying car” claim? It’s a blimp, tied to a something or other.. It looks like a “floating gurney”. Next thing yah know they’ll be driving their cars off’n cliffs, claiming they have flying cars.

    I have the technology for flying cars engines. I just can’t find the funding? And I sure have tried. I’ve been snubbed more times than I can count. Now, being snubbed is just a way of life for me.

    …1978 late Fall.. on a planned three-week leisurely cruise across Canada, along highway number-one, along as much of the scenic-routes as I could find.. just past the Ontario border into Manitoba. I saw two large meteorites cross a huge “X” in the sky.. and thought about it with all I had. “What makes Alien craft’s engines work”, I telepathed from all my Being.
    A few minutes later, I had to park, to write the flood of new data, for three hours straight. resulting in the crude bench manual to build a liquid electricity rocket.

    James Watt watched a kettle boil, and invented a steam engine.
    I saw an X in the sky, and invented the liquid electricity engine.

    I attempted to detail the workings of the engine to a visiting European nuclear physicist, the “mindless dolt” would be a better fitting title. 60-seconds into the description, his face when pale, his chin dropped, he struggled to speak, he accused me of “talking in the forth dimension”, barely managed to stand, managed to walk three paces, and fell flat on his face.

    Over the years I have contacted pretty-much every major scientific concern in the bog business world, to no avail. All I got was “classy” snubbing and scorn, from the mindless scientific community, governments, and religions, and a lot of “remote-viewers” desperately trying to suck technology from my mind, mostly when I slept, till I figured ways to seriously damage them upon approach.
    Plus there were a lot of attempts to dig into my computers, them believing I’d put the meat in a computer connected to the Net.. thht on that! They destroyed five of my PC’s in their desperate attempts to rob me.
    Seems this race doesn’t want engines for flying cars, and engines to take us to other solar systems, unless they can steal it from the inventor. It’s a pity I am being forced to take this technology to the grave.

    All this engine is, is a couple serious modifications to laser. It cracks light. Damaged light “particles” self-heal with the nearest molecules, thus creating raw antimatter-acids, which are saved in exhaust scrubbers, and sold by the public, to power industry. The service station pays the consumer for plugged exhaust scrubbers. A complete 180 turn-around for having to pay for gas all these years.
    Fragmented light “particles” decay into liquid electricity and Powerful thrust..

    Do you prefer single-seaters, two-seaters or four-seaters? or flying-buses..?

    Bottom-line is, The world gets flying cars about five years after I gets a lab and a credit card. Simple as that.

    I’ve done a life-time of work acquiring this technology.. that should count for something… I’ve taken it as far as I can without funding.

    So.. Now you know.. The rest of the story…

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