Celebrity Death Match Round 2 – Rosie O’Donnell vs Barbara Walters

Rosie bites the trough that feeds her.

When Celebrities Attack: The New York Post reports today that ‘The tension between “The View” creator Barbara Walters and co-host Rosie O’Donnell, sparked by O’Donnell’s feud with Donald Trump, boiled over yesterday morning when the portly comic called Walters “a [bleeping] liar.”

It can’t be easy to be Rosie.

The zeppelinesque former-comic and alpha dim-bulb of ABC’s daytime chick-chat show “The View” has spent the last month embroiled in a very public rhetorical mud wrestle with New York Media Mogul Donald Trump. Mr. Trump apparently took umbrage after Ms. O’Donnell took a moment off from her constant excoriation of President Bush to call him a “Snake Oil Salesman” in reference to his decision not to fire hard-partying Miss USA Tara Conner. Trump threatened a lawsuit, responding “Rosie’s a loser.” After the holidays Rosie reopened the match calling Trump a “pimp” to which he responded by calling her a “Big Fat Pig”.

It’s all been great fun in a “Slowing-down-to-gawk-at-the-bloody-roadside-accident” kind of way. One has to wonder though, where are the grown-ups?

Trying to stay out of the line of fire, apparently. Barbara Walters, creator, producer and panel member of the show (Rosie’s boss) has been low key up to now – confining herself to pained grimaces on camera and vague statements of general support. At one point she read a prepared statement on the show retracting earlier comments made by O’Donnell in which it was claimed Trump went bankrupt – which Trump denies. She has also said she does not regret hiring Rosie, presumably because after the summary ejection of the cheesegratingly charming Starr Jones, ratings soared. But now she’s in it and in it BIG.

According to The Post, Barbara returned to the studio after two weeks vacation and greeted Rosie with a hug in the makeup room. Rosie shrugged her off and blew a gasket, shrieking and swearing over various details concerning Walter’s comments (public and allegedly private) throughout this latter round of the feud. A day later the story of the fight went public, which augurs quite poorly for Rosie in This Beast’s opinion.

Regular readers of this blog may recall that The Beast has commented on Rosie and her limited talents as a blogger twice:

Whan Acters Rite.
Whan Acters Rite Part 2.

He came away from the experience amazed that a grown woman who writes at a fifth grade level could ever host a news and opinion show. He is no longer amazed. It is obvious that Rosie’s inability to assemble a coherent sentence is simply a reflection of her inability to assemble a coherent thought. Rosie is the quintessential Hollywood empty-suit celebrity; big of mouth and small of mind. Her day of reckoning draws nigh.

The Beast puts his money on the tough old news bird and the comb-over billionaire. Any takers?


Freeper finnman69 has alerted us that Mr. Trump posted a letter today to Rosie which can be seen at The Gawker, but The Beast has also posted it below:


Thanks once again to finnman69 for the heads-up and to Mr. Trump, The Beast heartily regrets his “combover” crack and hopes he never pisses you off either.

Always been a big fan.


Please don’t hurt me.



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