Sadaam’s dead – quit whining!

Ok, so Sadaam’s fertilizer at long last.

But for some people that’s just not good enough, is it? Critics (yes, there are actual critics, amazingly) of the kind who, if George Bush were to suddenly end all world hunger by raining fried chicken down from the skies, would complain it contained trans-fats, now whine that the execution was undignified. The Beast watched that infamous cell phone video footage of Sadaam’s Neck-Stretching and apart from his initial impression that the videographer might do well to cut down on his coffee intake lest his hands shake themselves right off his wrists, agrees that the actual ceremony lacked a certain element of solemnity; it was more like a fraternity bash than a State execution. All that was needed was a stripper, a trained chimp in a bellboy outfit and half a dozen Beer Bongs to make the party complete. They were having a grand time.

Well, everybody but Sadaam – but he got in a few wisecracks too.

Folks, Of course the execution was undignified, but let’s turn that question around: how many DIGNIFIED executions have any of you seen coming out of the Arab World? Or for that matter, how many dignified ANYTHING events?

Don’t they all involve leaping about, baying at the moon and bashing oneself and buddies in the head with scimitars? From The Beasts’s experience, all public event in the Arab World seem to require certain festive elements like screeching men spraying gallons of blood and spittle and crowds slinging about a couple of corpses. That’s what they have instead of parades. Americans throw candy and beads from floats at the crowd – Arabs spurt body fluids. C’est la vie.

We understand that everything that goes wrong in the world is President Bush’s fault these days. Moreover, anything that goes right is also bad IF it reflects positively on him and America’s efforts in Iraq. The execution of a bloody tyrant after a public trial by a fledgling democratic government must be bad somehow. The question is – how?

Well, that’s a problem. If anybody ever deserved death, Sadaam did. Even the supercilious French, writing editorials by light of burning renaults in the streets, had to admit that Sadaam was simply too dangerous to be left alive. Only certifiable loons like Cindy Sheehan could argue that Sadaam wasn’t a very bad man who deserved to be dispatched to South Park hell. No, the outcome of his trial was inevitable and just.

So what’s left? How does your average unbathed euro-socialist or shrieking lefty moonbat contest this apparent victory for justice? How do they spin it into a negative?

Attack the process! In the past week we been treated to a plethora of whiny complaints:

1. The trial was a sham.

It went well enough to find him guilty and execute him. That’s good enough for me.

2. Sadaam’s execution preempted other cases against him.

How many times can you execute one Dictator?

3. The Execution was done badly.

Really? He’s not dead?

4. Capital punishment is wrong.

When Sadaam was in power he seemed not to agree.



  1. Eleutheria5
    Posted January 3, 2007 at 11:15 pm | Permalink

    Besides Saddam, other heros of the Left who believed in the the death penalty. Such as their hero, Bill Clinton, when he was governor or Arkansas. He even executed retards.

  2. Posted January 4, 2007 at 9:45 am | Permalink

    Hey we may have captured him, but his own people tried and convicted him. Personally I think he’s lucky someone didn’t pick him off before he was executed. I say “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”. I saw the video too and that camera work was first rate…LOL

    Personally I think that anyone who would complain about Saddam’s execution is a terrorist sympathizer. Maybe they should go live amongst them, hopefully they’ll be allowed to keep their heads. 🙂

  3. Posted January 4, 2007 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

    beast, ill translate for you my post on the issue:

    saddam’s life wasn’t even worth half a bite of sandwich

    or something like that. it loses sound in english, but not meaning

    oh, number 3 is class! (said by one who was quite shocked by the video)


  4. margarita_man
    Posted January 8, 2007 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    Damn right! The whiners probably think it should have gone more like OJ’s trial. Who are these pathetic people? No one I’ve talked to seems to think it was graphic enough.

  5. Posted January 9, 2007 at 12:24 am | Permalink


    Howdy lenny! How ya been? Hope the Christmas went well.

    Miss those Margaritas, Man!


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