…Digging deep now, Soon I will Have NO Secrets

The Drunkard’s Guide To Online Chat



  1. Posted August 12, 2006 at 7:44 am | Permalink

    I’m just about tickled with this. Now I have to link to this blog as well!

    About time you thought about the “us’s” who love to read what goes on in that manly man brain of yours.

    Mongeaux, a big shot of 50 year old single malt to you……

    number one fan


  2. Posted August 12, 2006 at 6:45 pm | Permalink

    The Hairy Beast is thrilled to have you in his hunting ground

    He awards you Four Squirrels!

  3. GSG
    Posted August 12, 2006 at 8:38 pm | Permalink

    This doesn’t sound like me at all…


  4. Posted August 12, 2006 at 9:34 pm | Permalink

    GSG – yes it does
    Three more squirrels – another two and you will have a bunny!

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